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  • Erin House

While you are busy doing happens

When you are busy doing life, life happens.

When life gets in the way

When things settle down, let's catch up

When I get this project done I'll give you a call

When I get back from this business trip

Let me check my calendar and get back to you

I am not feeling well today

Sorry I didn't hit send on my text

I have been meaning to call


Did you get my message?

You didn't get my text, oh I guess it's my dang phone




I learned a few things. Really learned them and now have applied them to my life. That is what it is when you know something. You take a new skill and use it.

If they want to they will. It's about priorities. People are telling you every day, where you are on their list. Listen to them. They are telling you the truth. When they don't return your call, your text. When they don't acknowledge your humorous retort to their social media post, they are telling you where you rank. When they no longer include you, consult you, check in on you. Listen to them. The silence you will hear is deafening!

I read a quote recently,

God will continue to put the same lesson into your life until you learn it.

Stings like a paper cut. I'm listening.

I am flexing my new cerebral skills.

I never subscribed to the seasons of friendship theory. I understand that sometimes you encounter people in your life and they don't stay. Childhood friends, college, a job. But people you have known and entrusted with your secrets, vacationed with, supported in joy and in crushing sorrow, they are forever right? Not so much.

For a long time, I thought it was ME. I'll change myself, you know because I cannot change them. I'll ask all the questions about what I did to deserve the shun. Nothing. I finally notice exactly what they were saying. It's totally about them. Not me. And now I am so good.

Tell me, what has been a struggle you have tried to understand? Did you read books, or talk to a professional? Are you one who is really good at letting it all go?

I am so curious.

This is me, Im curious, just erin here,

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